Southern Cameroons Crisis: Coronavirus declares ceasefire in the English-speaking regions 0

The government of Cameroon had vowed that it must roll back the fighters who had challenged its authority and were seeking to establish an independent Southern Cameroons, but the times have changed and a new invisible boss is in control.

The Coronavirus has dictated a ceasefire which both sides are respecting without any questions.

Around the world, the virus is spreading like wildfire and it has sent thousands to an early grave. This has struck fear in the minds of the soldiers and fighters who have been at each other’s throat for almost four years.

The new rule is social distancing and neither the soldiers nor the fighters are in the mood to disrespect this rule which if disrespected could lead to death.

The soldiers and the fighters who were displaying how cruel they could be just a few weeks ago, are today avoiding each other like a plague.

Soldiers cannot even shake the hands of their friends and it will be hard for them to stand together to prosecute a war that was erroneously declared because of a misrepresentation of facts.

The whole world had said the war was unjustifiable, but ruled by ego, the country’s authorities refused to listen to any advice. Today, they are listening to a virus they cannot even see.

The ceasefire is effective and even soldiers are respecting it. They are no longer worried about Amba boys. It is their hope that the dangerous Coronavirus will take care of them before it disappears.

Amba fighters, for their part, are still walking the jungles of the two English-speaking regions of the country, hoping that the virus will not extend its reach to them, but they are also respecting the ceasefire against their wish.

Schools have been shut down and the entire country is on lockdown. No more ghost towns. The Coronavirus has instituted its own lockdown which is “ghost country.”

It is hoped after the Coronavirus leaves town, both parties will see the need for peace. For now, they must respect nature’s ceasefire, if not they will be swept away by the wave of death blowing across the world.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai with additonal reporting and editing from Dr Joachim Arrey