Southern Cameroons Crisis: More Amba arrests are in the offing 0

There is more bad news in the offing in Southern Cameroons for Yaounde government officials. Since Senator Mundi was picked up in the Northwest region by Southern Cameroonian security forces for high treason, many CPDM loyalists have been ill at ease, praying that what has happened to the senator should not happen to them.

Many government officials operating in the two English-speaking regions have been losing sleep following the Senator’s arrest for acts of treason which have taken her the ‘green jails’ of Southern Cameroons.

They fear that they may be the next, is keeping government officials awake and most of them are already losing weight, especially those in the Northwest region where violent gunfire exchanges have been taking place between the Yaounde government military and armed Ambazonian fighters.

Videos of Senator Mundi delivering a speech in which she underscored that she was Ambazonian by birth but due to greed, she had been working with the enemy to kill Ambazonian citizens, have struck fear in many minds in Yaoundé.

The penalty for such a treasonable felony committed by Senator Mundi is usually death, but Ambazonian security forces in the Northwest region have opted for alternative forms of punishment.

They are calling for an exchange of prisoners with the Yaounde government which is pretending that the capture of Senator Mundi was nothing important but behind the scenes, it is dispatching the military to locate the 80-year-old senator who is suffering from a slew of diseases, including diabetes and high blood pressure.

Ambazonian security forces have called for the release of more 75 Ambazonian citizens who have been in the dungeons of the Yaoundé government for years, including Nfor Ngala and Julius Ayuk Tabe, who is the poster boy of the rebellion which has shaken the government to its core.

The arrest and detention of Senator Mundi is not going to be the last. She is the most senior government official who is being detained in the Federal Republic of Ambazonia.

Since Senator Mundi was picked up, there has been a huge movement of many Yaounde government sympathizers to areas they hold are safe from the the chaos playing out in Southern Cameroons.

Many chiefs, fons, CPDM government delegates and mayors are packing and leaving Southern Cameroons as they suspect that the long arm of the Southern Cameroons Justice system may take them to the “green jails” of Southern Cameroons.

Even some chiefs who have been hiding in Buea are contemplating leaving the region, especially as the security situation is fast deteriorating.

Prof. Peter Agborbechem may soon be out of Buea, as Ambazonian security forces have identified him as a student abuser and they are prepared to make him pay for his crimes in the University of Buea.

Agborbechem, who is a chief of a small village in Manyu Division, was, last year, dismissed from his administrative position in the University of Buea for his sexual “vagrancy” and exploitation of females in the university.

For some time now, Agborbechem has been lying low like an inactive volcano, but reports by Cameroon Concord News Group correspondents in Buea indicate that Agborbechem who is a CPDM criminal is still dangerous to young women, stressing that leaving him in the university is the worst mistake any administrative officials can make.

Since the government he supports does not want to take appropriate measures that can stop him from abusing women, Ambazonian security forces have said they will put him out of business like many other irresponsible chiefs and fons in Ambazonia who are violating the laws of the newly-minted republic.

Meanwhile, there is a huge divide between northwesterners and southwesterners over those arrested by Ambazonian security forces.

Fighters in the southwest region are accusing their counterparts in the northwest  region of discriminatory behavior in the treatment of those they consider as blacklegs.

According to a fighter in Ekondo-titi who elected anonymity, North westerners are sparing the lives of blacklegs who are of Northwest extraction, adding that many Southwestern blacklegs picked up in Ekondo-Titi and other parts of the Southwest region have been killed according to Ambazonian law.

In a voice message wherein the fighter made the accusation, the fighter pointed to the killing of the Ekondo-Titi mayor and those who were part of his convoy when they were heading to Ekondo-titi to lay the groundwork for Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute’s visit which was promptly aborted after the killing of the mayor.

He also cited the killing of six Southwest government officials who were in Indian Division on mission a year ago, but were kidnapped and killed, with some of their bodies still not yet accounted for.

Ambazonian fighters of Southwest extraction hold that keeping Senator Mundi alive up till now is a clear demonstration that fighters of Northwest extraction are not playing by a script that was jointly agreed to.

They argue that by now, Senator Mundi’s head should have been severed from her body and sent to Yaoundé for the Yaoundé government to understand that it must take the Southern Cameroons issue seriously.

According to the fighter, the issue of discrimination might split the fighters if appropriate measures are not taken.

He advised the Cameroon Concord News Group that more actions are being planned, adding that Ambazonian security forces will be casting their net far and wide in order to create a huge impact.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai with reports by Stephen Mokake in Buea