Southern Cameroons Interim Gov’t calls visiting Cardinal Parolin “angel of peace” 0

VP  Yerima asks Ambazonians To Welcome Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Parolin  to Mass in the Cathedral in Bamenda

Fellow Southern Cameroonians,

The Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Parolin will celebrate the Eucharist in the Cathedral of Bamenda, during which he will install the pallium on the Archbishop of the Diocese, Andrew NkeaFuanya. His Eminence Cardinal Parolin is the highest-ranking foreign dignitary to visit the Southern Cameroons whilst under occupation in a revolution that started more than four years ago. Archbishop Andrew Nkea is the only high-ranking member of the clergy to have visited our leaders in detention despite an objection from the President of French Cameroun, Paul Biya.

Fellow Southern Cameroonians, The Vatican noted in a recent statement that the visit of Cardinal Parolin is meant to show—once again and in the context of the current humanitarian emergency caused by the pandemic—the attention of the Church and Pope Francis for the African continent, a land rich in humanity but marked by great suffering. As your Vice President, I am urging the people in the Northern zone to come out and show Cardinal Parolin that we, the people of Southern Cameroons, belong to the body of Christ.

We should also use Cardinal Parolin’s visit to Bamenda to show the world the true nature of the genocide in the Southern Cameroons. The Southern Cameroons Interim Government is for the Catholic faith and believes that Archbishop Andrew Nkea has a prophetic voice and should use this historic visit to show that one can be Roman Catholic and, at the same time, Southern Cameroonian. As a government, we are imploring Archbishop Nkea to articulate the plight of our people forcefully with His Eminence Cardinal Parolin.

Let me end by quoting Blessed John Paul II. In 1978, he traveled to Warsaw and told millions of Poles: ‘You can take back your country if you demand it.’The Poles were fighting against long odds – the military might of the Soviet Union itself. But they won their battle.Fellow Southern Cameroonians, you can take back your country if you attend the Mass celebrated by Cardinal Parolin Mass in the Cathedral in Bamenda.

God Bless you,

Dabney Yerima

Vice President

Federal Republic of Ambazonia