Yaoundé: The Biya regime situation report 0

Greetings from Yaoundé which is in a much panicked mood!  Minister René Emmanuel Sadi is now saying that any Cameroonian predicting a coup risked being arrested and prosecuted.

In a statement on Monday, Sadi moonlighting as Minister of Communication and government spokesperson stated that “The government therefore urges those concerned to be careful not to draw senseless and preposterous parallels, and to make obscene predictions about the future of Cameroon which could amount to calls for the destabilization of the state.”

With Biya’s time on earth nearly over, it’s time to turn away from the 90-year-old President, who survived a coup attempt in 1984 and has ruled Cameroon for 41 years.

One event to watch is the football friendly between the Indomitable Lions of Cameroon and the Russian Federation in Moscow in mid-October. Cameroon Concord News Group London Bureau Chief Isong Asu calls it “a Biya’s last journey of many dangers” for the Francophone dominated regime in Yaoundé. It will be the first football match between an African team and Russia since the invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, and has been actively encouraged by the 90-year President Biya.

Southern Cameroons business communities in the diaspora are seeing red with the customs-led public auctions in Douala. Goods to be sold are those that have been stored ever since the war started in Southern Cameroons. The customs department says the goods to be sold include various items such as electronics, household appliances, antiques, food products, machinery, etc. The customs estimates their value at tens of millions of FCFA. It is all Southern Cameroons money.

Mr Biya’s back-to-school campaign in Southern Cameroons has not been going according to plan; the actions of Ambazonia restoration forces have successfully erected a stone wall against the reopening of schools. Two head teachers and a female student were killed by Ambazonia fighters and this week a Roman Catholic priest and three teachers sustained gunshot wounds in an attack on CS Kembong in Eyumojock Sub Division in Manyu.        

Household final consumption prices in Cameroon went up 0.5% in August. This overall food price trend came with inflation that reached a yearly average of 7.8% at the end of August.

The Biya Francophone regime also has plenty to worry about: The nation’s economy is stalling. Businesses are closing down and major corporations like PAMOL and CDC are filing for bankruptcy protection. Most of the major banks and telecom operators seem to be in difficulty. 90-year-old Mr. Biya says the younger generation should turn to farming. Not surprisingly, many are turning a deaf ear to the stupidity coming from Etoudi

It is evidently clear that the office of prime minister was a creation to appease Southern Cameroonians following the emergence of the late Ni John Fru Ndi! All the Anglophone political men-name them: Simon Achidi Achu, Peter Mafany Musonge, Inoni Ephraim, Philemon Yang and now the celebrated polygamist Dion Ngute have failed to deliver to the people of Southern Cameroons. Dion Ngute’s recent performance has been patchy, and his war of words with Minister Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh has turned into open mutiny within government circles.

It remains extremely difficult to avoid the jailed Southern Cameroons leaders in Kondengui. To avoid a coup in Yaoundé, Biya and his men should start talking to Sisiku Ayuk Tabe. A stitch in time saves nine!!

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