Federal Republic of Ambazonia: A safer country without South West and North West CPDM elites 0

The so-called Major National Dialogue was convened to reactivate the North West/South West Divide all in a bid to stifle the Southern Cameroons revolution. It was a successful failure and the Southern Cameroons pro Yaoundé political elites are now at daggers drawn positions.

Chief V.E. Mukete held a secret meeting with the delegates from the South West region at his residence in Yaoundé and handed to them money with standing instructions to vote against any union with the North West people. Nfon Mukete told the delegates that it was he and some other South West elites who asked the late Ahmadou Ahidjo to dissolve the two state federation that existed in the 60s and 70s.

The paramount leader of the Bafaws further observed that Jua and Foncha treated South Westerners with contempt and that prompted some concerned elites to draw Ahidjo’s attention to the happenings in Buea.

For their part, the North West CPDM elites have launched a scathing attack on French Cameroun Prime Minister Dion Ngute blaming him for the failures recorded during the Yaoundé peace talks. French Cameroun newspapers sponsored by the Biya regime are feeding fat on the chaotic situation among the Anglophone senior CPDM militants.

However, judging from the fact that after 58 years, none of these so-called CPDM elites have been able to bring an iota of development to their various constituencies, the reawakening of the North West/South West Divide is indeed a bitter confession of back-to-back political failures ever since La Republique du Cameroun annexed Southern Cameroons.

The Biya Francophone regime in Yaoundé is publicizing a current fight between South West and North West CPDM elites and spending millions of FCFA on newspaper coverage to divert attention from the Ambazonia quest for independence. The long and short of this French Cameroun CPDM diabolic harsh ploy is simply that the Federal Republic of Ambazonia is a safer place without the so-called South West and North West CPDM elites.

First and foremost, Washington has clearly snubbed the Major National Dialogue and some reports have suggested that the US State Department has gone a step further by requesting President Biya to organize a proper peace talk without any preconditions.  

None of these pro Biya Anglophone citizens touched on Biya’s French Cameroun military involvement in Southern Cameroons during the Major National Dialogue and none of them could muster the courage to say it remains the worst decision ever made in La Republique du Cameroun’s history.

From the delay in making public the resolutions, it seems that Biya and his Beti Ewondo gang have come to the conclusion through objective experience that the equation of power and political geometry of the one and indivisible Cameroon has changed and that Yaoundé can no longer claim absolute authority over the affairs of Southern Cameroons.

We of the Cameroon Concord News Group believe Mr. Biya has realized that he has only two options; either to be just content with an empty mask of being the head of state of the one and indivisible Cameroon despite heavy costs, or to adopt a realistic approach and acknowledge the present reality of sitting down with President Sisiku Ayuk Tabe of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia and talk.

Biya has failed woefully in all his strategic projects such as the One and Indivisible Cameroon, the Major National Dialogue, the arrest and recent release of Prof Maurice Kamto, life sentences on the Ambazonia leaders, maintaining peace in the Central African Republic, combating the Nigerian Islamic sect, Boko Haram and hosting of the African Nations Cup.

The poverty and deteriorating infrastructure deep inside French Cameroun has led many ruling CPDM barons, even those who have been facilitating and guaranteeing Biya’s continued stay in power like Sultan Ibrahim Mbombo Njoya, to acknowledge the urgent need to limit the presidential term.

To the people of Southern Cameroons, their beloved nation the Federal Republic of Ambazonia will be a safer country without the North West/ South West CPDM elites.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai