In a few hours’ time, Cameroon’s Misleader and Liar-in-Chief, Paul Biya, will be addressing the nation 0

Dear readers, correspondents, members and volunteers,

Another year ends today and a new one starts tomorrow. This year has been particularly challenging, but we have demonstrated the stuff we are made of.

The Novel Coronavirus also known as COVID-19 has been a huge millstone around our necks. It has not only interfered with your news platform of choice, it has also made it hard for us to obtain all the funding necessary for our operations.

However, despite the challenging times, we have used our shoestring budget to deliver to you, in real time, the news that has enabled you to have a balanced perspective of the unfortunate situations that have been playing out in our country, Cameroon.

Cameroon is faced with many challenges and most of the challenges are derived from the incompetence of our country’s authorities.

Their lack of humility and corruption has pushed our country to the brink. A once prosperous nation has been pushed to the abyss of poverty by a bunch of incompetent and corrupt individuals.

For a country to develop and avoid certain messy circumstances, its authorities must be willing to listen to the people, they must establish a good relationship with the grassroots and they demonstrate the determination necessary to address the issues in a manner that will bring total satisfaction to the majority of the population.

As you all know, the Southern Cameroons crisis is born out of the arrogance of our country’s (mis) leaders. In the process, some 6,000 Southern Cameroonians have been sent to an early grave while more than 2,000 soldiers have lost their lives.

Sources close to the country’s defense ministry say some 1,000 soldiers have either defected or walked away from the country’s military because they do not believe they must die for a man and a system that clearly belong to the past.

That tells you how things are gradually bottoming out in our country. The ministry of defense cannot account for such disappearances and instead of consoling the families affected by the chaos the government has created, it is instead threatening the families of the missing soldiers with imprisonment. That is your country. That is the place you call home. Homeland has become gangland.

In a few hours’ time, the country’s misleader and liar-in-chief, Paul Biya, will be addressing the nation again and his traditional speech will be replete with lies.

He will be telling you how the economy is at its best even when hundreds of thousands of our graduates are unemployed, with thousands seeking to quit the country for greener pastures in distant lands.

He will also mislead you on the state of our democracy by pointing to the pre-fabricated regional election results which he will consider as a mark of “Advanced Democracy “making significant progress. The recent elections should not be taken seriously. They do not deserve your time and attention. It is one more piece of evidence that Biya is not ready to change his old, bad and corrupt ways.

Don’t be fooled by those misleading stories. The elections were designed to ensure that the crime syndicate that has been ruling the country for close to four decades continues to lead you by the nose.

The liar-in-chief is simply seeking to perpetuate himself in power, but know that all what he will be spewing out will simply be the ravings of a falling king.

Cameroon will change and it will change in a big bad way in the coming days. The Russians are in the region and they are determined to change the geopolitical equation.

They are gradually rolling back the French and it is obvious that Cameroon will be the next after the Central African Republic.

Russia needs a foothold in the region and Southern Cameroonians are prepared to facilitate things for them so that they can reach the heartland of our country.

All you need to do is to keep on supporting the Southern Cameroons Interim government under the stewardship of Vice President Dabney Yerima. You must continue to mount pressure on the Yaoundé government until our president, Sisiku Julius Ayuk Tabe, and all the other Southern Cameroonians being held in East Cameroonian jails are set free.

Never forget that these people are in jail because they want a better Southern Cameroons. We should never forget people like Mancho Bibixy and Tassang Wilfred.

While we may disagree on the approach, we must understand that the objective is the same – making Southern Cameroons great again.

Please continue to do your part and the Cameroon Concord News Group will do its own.

Long live the Cameroon Concord News Group.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai on behalf of the Group and Board of Directors

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