Majority of Southern Cameroons militias are on the payroll of CPDM Ministers 0

More facts are beginning to unravel about the level some Southern Cameroons political figures serving the Biya regime in Yaoundé are ready to go in order to stifle the Ambazonia revolution and stay in power including regaining their political relevance. Cameroon Intelligence Report has gathered that a majority of the local militias operating in Southern Cameroons towns and cities are on the payroll of Anglophone CPDM ministers in Yaoundé.

Our investigations have also found out that Mayor Patrick Ekema of the Buea City Council who is wanted by the long arm of the law for countless criminal acts in the University of Buea owns and runs a huge militia. Our chief correspondent in the Northern Zone of Southern Cameroons revealed that the Government Delegate to the Bamenda City Council, Vincent Ndumu with the support of Territorial Administration Minister, Paul Atanga Nji who has entangled in diverse act of criminality in both French and British Southern Cameroons are using private militia groups to torment every persons that crossed their path.

Armed men operating in the Kupe Muanenguba County and sponsored by Minister Paul Elung are wreaking havoc and causing mayhem. From the landslide of evidence available, Ministers Mengot Victor of Manyu and Paul Tasong of the Lebialem are now chairing the reign of terror in their various constituencies.

The criminality of these so-called CPDM cabinet ministers and barons has been downplayed by the local media out of fear that the media outlet that would be brave enough to do so might be visited with tragedy, including physical attacks that can lead to death of prominent figures in such organizations or the particular journalist who dares the devil.

 It is also shocking to learn that even the diverse security agencies deployed to Southern Cameroons by the 86 years old President Paul Biya are helping the militias in places like Tiko, Limbe, Buea, Kumba and Bamenda.  The emergence of a multitude of pro Yaounde militias in Southern Cameroons is not a strange phenomenon. The Francophone dominated government has always allowed popular crime perpetrators like Paul Atanga Nji to hold public offices.

Be reminded that some years ago, it was documented that a member of the Mukete Royal Family committed atrocities and deadly attacks across Kumba, the chief city in the Meme County for which unfortunately, he received a lot of accolades from some political players such as the late Governor Oben Peter Ashu and Hon. John Ebong Ngolle presently standing trial for fraud in SONARA. The Mukete was subsequently appointed national president of YCPDM.

One worthy to note was the alleged murder of Barrister Eseme Midiki. Although the Kumba police made some arrests at the beginning of the case, there were suspected foul play in the trial process and all those involved in the crime went scot-free and Chief Mukete himself became a Senator. That was the shocking end of that episode.

This editorial is in no way vindicating the smaller groups of criminals passing for Amba Boys said to be getting their financing from ransoms, extortions and illegal collection of revenue from innocent Southern Cameroons civilians.  The criminal Ambazonia militia groups are different from the pro French Cameroun ones for the simple reason that the militias with backing from Yaounde and Cameroon government ministers have engaged in ranged from murder, attempted murder, intimidation, abduction, extortion and repeated threats of prominent oppositions figures. Their activities remain general knowledge to persons in the political terrain in Yaoundé.

Having been identified as a man who has reputation of feeding fat from crisis, the Biya regime brought Paul Atanga Nji to supervise Yaoundé’s genocidal campaign in Southern Cameroons. Adding salt to injuries, Paul Atanga is wanted by the Special Criminal Court for corruption. Regrettably the worst politician Southern Cameroons has ever had thinks that he will go away with these crimes.

We of the Cameroon Concord News Group are saying to Ministers Paul Atanga Nji, Paul Elung, Paul Tasong, Victor Mengot, Patrick Ekema and Vincent Ndumu that bullets fired from AK47s do not only travel distance but also through time.  

To this I put my name

Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai