Cameroon Concord News Group has documented and published unimpeachable evidence of genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity and several international crimes committed against the peace-loving people of the Southern Cameroons by French Cameroun.  These crimes are ongoing for the past fifty-six years. Cameroon Concord News Group has established that the motivation for these crimes are of an economic nature for which France is the primary beneficiary. It is France’s economic interests over the abundant mineral and natural resources in the Southern Cameroons/Ambazonia that has corruptly sustained colonial rule over the Southern Cameroons.  Over the past fifty-six years, French Cameroun unleashed a reign of terror over the Southern Cameroons.  Through collective punishment, systematic rape and humiliation of our girls and women, torching of civilian settlements, pillage and looting of our natural and petroleum resources, massacre of civilians, enforced disappearances, systematic torture, large scale abductions and imprisonment, indignities on women and children and several egregious violations, French Cameroun with impunity put the collective existence of the people of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia in jeopardy.

These crimes escalated from September 22, 2017 to October 1, 2017 when the people of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia reclaimed their independence and sovereignty over their territory. The people and government of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia under the leadership of the President His Excellency Sisiku Ayuk Tabe deserved the protection of international law but the international community betrayed the “never again” sacred trust it made to humanity after the holocaust by allowing French Cameroun deploy weapons of mass destruction to kill and maim armless civilians on its watch.  Cameroon Concord News and Cameroon Intelligence Report have consistently denounced the use by French Cameroon of   the stolen wealth and resources of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia to corrupt Senior UN officials and some members of the government of Nigeria to facilitate the commission of crimes against the Federal Republic of Ambazonia among which the abduction of His Excellency the President and members of the Interim Government was.

The decision by the Interim Government of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia to resort to self defence to protect its people and territory has recorded successes so far. The resilience of the people and the successes recorded with so little has alarmed the enemy and its co-conspirators in Nigeria and France. Before his abduction by a joint criminal gang comprising Nigerian intelligence personnel and a French Cameroun special operations death squad, the President of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia in an address enjoined the citizens of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia to protect the lives of civilians of all nationalities found in the territory of Ambazonia. Endorsing self defense after the abduction of our leaders, the Acting President Dr Samuel Sako and the Interim Government of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia reiterated this policy which was established by His Excellency the President of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia. Cameroon Concord News Group fully endorsed the policy.

French Cameroun’s military operations within the territory of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia has as its primary focus the massacre of civilians, the looting, pillaging, and torching of civilian settlements, the rape of our girls and women, and several other crimes. These crimes for which Paul Biya by himself, or through his subordinate criminal agents, like Laurent Esso, Fame Ndongo, Atanga Nji, George Tabetando, Issa Tchiroma Bakary, Owona Nguini, Okalia Bilai, Lele L’Afrique, Joseph Beti Assomo ( minister of armed forces) French Cameroun services commanders deployed to prosecute the genocide, have taken responsibility are well documented.  The sheer magnitude of the crimes and its potential to spill over to the territories of neighbouring countries and the sub-region has forced the international community to begin to pressurize French Cameroun to halt its criminal campaign and to engage in an all-inclusive dialogue with the legitimate representatives of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia.

To ease this pressure, French Cameroun has developed criminal tactics aimed at de-legitimizing the Federal Republic of Ambazonia’s self-defense efforts, its defense of its sovereignty and its people. This strategy of French Cameroun is developing right before our very eyes. Unfortunately, some gullible Ambazonia leaders in search of power and relevance are falling into these traps. French Cameroun is courting an unstructured group of gullible individuals loosely called Federalists to preposition themselves as persons it can rely on to organize a dialogue aimed at resolving the current crisis. These gullible individuals will be used to validate the one and indivisible Cameroun policy of French Cameroun and then dumped to face the consequences of their treachery of their people’s aspirations. The so-called dialogue will be a French Cameroun internal initiative with some foreign envoys accredited to French Cameroun deployed acting as facilitators. Atanga Nji on behalf of French Cameroun presented the nature of the dialogue that French Cameroun will organize and own as well as the condition it intend to impose for participation. Chris Anu was right and quick to reject the so-called dialogue outright, opting rather for negotiations organized by an external international actor that will provide a facilitator for the occasion. A party to a negotiation cannot impose an agenda, the nature and composition of the representation by another party. The negotiations will surely be on the terms of separation, accountability for the crimes committed within the territory of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia and the payment of reparations for the crimes committed.

French Cameroun is conscious that crimes of an international character committed against civilians will never go unpunished.  Not in our time. For this purpose, it is attempting to pin responsibility for its crimes on Southern Cameroons legitimate self-defense fighters.  Unfortunately, some of our leaders are falling into these traps and deliberate policy of criminalization.  Cameroon Concord News Group has seen a video in the social media posted by French Cameroun through its surrogates with child soldiers holding and manipulating arms. French Cameroon did this knowing that the crime of conscription and deployment of children below the age of 15 years as child soldiers is one of the most serious international crimes.  This mischief was easily identified by several Ambazonians who rightly denounced it as an enemy scheme aimed at attempting to blackmail our self-defense efforts. The self-defense forces of Ambazonia do not put their identity out in the social media in order not to invite harm to the families of the fighters and their communities.  This sensible self-defense strategy deprives traitors and spies on the payroll of the enemy the ability to subvert the strategic and tactical operational command decisions taken by Ambazonia fighting forces at ground zero.  Cameroon Concord News deplores in very strong terms the conduct of persons aligned with a social media frenzied Ambazonia for alleging armed adult and child soldiers were members of the ADF. This plays into the ego of a leaders known for taking responsibility for actions helpful or harmful without thinking about the consequences for the entire cause. Endorsing this French Cameroun mounted video posted to social media carefully laying out a case of conscription and use of child soldiers is troubling. 

Cameroon Concord News strongly condemns the execution of civilians who are not taking part in the armed conflict. Cameroon Concord News and the National Telegraph published news reports about the summary execution in cold blood of some seven civilians who were in the custody of French Cameroun forces who were brought to Kendem Upper Banyang by Tabatando to force the people to vote in senatorial elections organized by French Cameroun. These elections were banned by the Interim Government of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia.  There exists a deliberate pre-planned criminal military strategy by French Cameroun to summarily execute Ambazonian civilians.  Cameroon Concord News is please that based on the operational orders of the interim government, Ambazonia self-defense forces have so far not targeted civilians. The burning to painful death of old and vulnerable people in civilian settlements, cowardly execution of civilians in Kendem and other locations in Ambazonia are criminal acts which will never be forgotten or forgiven. Ambazonia can never again belong to the same nation with an enemy republic that preys on the blood of its civilians.  The alleged execution of a high French Cameroun government functionary of Ambazonia origin by the ADF on the orders of Dr Cho Ayaba must also be vehemently condemned. Cameroon Concord News holds the opinion that this reckless conduct provides French Cameroun the opportunity to abduct and execute people of Ambazonia origin and place the responsibility on our self-defense fighting forces. There is no greater way of demoralizing and de-legitimizing the cause for which our people have greatly sacrificed than painting and presenting this irresponsible image to the international community. This conduct if not abated may send the wrong signals to our different communities within our territory from which these individuals hail. For this reason, summary executions of civilians must be discouraged and condemned.

Cameroon Concord News Group has published news reports about the existence of an organized elaborate trans-border criminal network operating in French Cameroun and Nigeria which abducts foreign nationals for ransom.  Issa Tchiroma Bakary, Cavaye Djribril, Amadou Ali, Atanga Nji and members of the political Islam crime syndicate associated with Boko Haram within the immediate political circle of Mohammadu Buhari are members.  The announced military operation that allegedly liberated foreign tourists of European origin at a moment when no known tourist could venture into the territory of Ambazonia under French Cameroun’s scourge earth criminal military operations is a hoax. It is a desperate attempt to criminalize the Ambazonia revolutionary war of survival and obtain by fraud a European Union resolution branding our fighting self-defense forces as terrorist organizations.  The Interim Government must come out strongly to deny and denounce this desperate criminal ploy. It must ask for an international investigation into the alleged abduction as well as other crimes committed by French Cameroun in our territory. In the light of this spurious, desperate and shameful fabricated allegation, French Cameroun should allow human rights organizations it had hitherto denied access to conduct investigations on this allegation and that of other crimes perpetrated by French Cameroun soldiers.  Investigators from the countries of origin of the alleged abductees should come to conduct independent investigations as well. The Interim Government should allow access into the territory of Ambazonia for the purpose of these investigations, but such access must be denied to French Cameroun forces whose presence on our territory is and must never ever be condoned.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai

Chairman, Editor-in-Chief

Cameroon Concord News Group