Yaounde: Waves of assault by armed gangs against students attributed to militiamen from the Central African Republic 0

An organized crime group from the Central African Republic is spreading terror in the nation’s capital Yaoundé. Hundreds of Cameroonian students were victims of aggression by armed gangs at a place known as “Rail-Ngousso”, during a sporting event. The Central African Republic militia men arrived on board motorcycles armed with machetes, knives and guns and attacked students, robbing them of their cell phones, purses and various objects under the helpless gaze of the only policeman committed to surveillance, but unarmed.

Cameroon Concord News understands some of the victims of the Tuesday attack were rushed to the Gynecological Hospital in Ngousso. Our informant hinted that “One of them, even died.” According to police sources in, the attack carries the DNA of militiamen from the Central African Republic who are residing in Yaoundé as refugees.

A journalist with a sister publication, Cameroon Intelligence Report revealed that among the more than 265,000 Central African refugees gathered in Cameroon are many militiamen, accustomed to the use of firearms and heavy weapons.

A angry police boss was quoted as saying that “Cameroon does not offer enough opportunities to its own children. What opportunities can she offer these Central African refugees?”  The senior police officer who sued for anonymity was again heard murmuring privately that what was Biya thinking to have accepted 265,000 foreigners to come and live here?

Cameroon has now become the sleeping cells for Central African Republic armed gangs as Douala and Yaounde are witnessing an increasing crime rate.  The members of the CAR sleeping cells were recruited from the Seleka and Anti Balaka militia. Without activities, these “refugees” engage in gangs and armed attacks, which are now, worrying the Cameroonians and could be at the origin of the rise of Xenophobia.

By Chi Prudence Asong

Cameroon Concord News