Africa Cup of Nations 2021: The most useless Francophones in Africa are living in Cameroon 0

More than eight months ago, CAF officials sounded a note of caution to Cameroonian football authorities that CAF will relocate the opening ceremony of the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations, from the Olembe Football Stadium in Yaoundé to another venue in Douala if something is not done and done in a hurry to complete construction work in the stadium.

Today , the Secretary General of CAF, Veron Mosengo has gone public with the matter saying “I am sorry to note that despite the many visits, including that of the President and Secretary General of CAF and the Vice President of CAF and the promises that followed, the actions have not followed.”

Mr. Veron Mosengo added “Regarding the Olembe stadium, know that if everything is not settled by November 30, 2021, the opening match will take place elsewhere. Arrangements have already been made in this direction, but it would be unfortunate for the Organizing Committee, for CAF and for Cameroon.”

Cameroon football is indeed a source of glory and shame because of the Francophone factor

On November 20, 2021, a delegation led by Prof. Mouelle Kombi Minister of Sports was at the Olembe Stadium and the big man was quoted as saying “I am satisfied with what I have seen in relation to the progress of work, inside and outside.”

However, mindful of the fact that this is not a CPDM Congress; the Confederation of African Football has identified shortcomings in various organizational aspects and is threatening to relocate the opening match.

With less than 50 days to go before the kick-off of the African Cup of Nations, scheduled for January-February in Cameroon, the Confederation of African Football (CAF) is now increasing the pressure on the ruling CPDM crime syndicate.

Veron Mosengo observed that “The state of progress of the exteriors of the Olembe stadium, whose delivery is scheduled for November 30, 2021, is still without an iota of development since my last visit dated October 22.”  The secretary general of CAF illustrated his words with images dating from November 16, 2021 and also denounced the state of the grass in some of the training grounds.

He also raised a finger against the government’s laxity in developing strict Covid-19 protocols aimed at protecting players from the spread of the virus during the tournament.

Mr. Veron Mosengo furthered that “None of the recommendations made by the team of experts from CAF during its October 3 to 15, 2021 tour for development work has been taken into consideration.”  He cited the problem of recruitment, volunteers, the use of visuals during the competition without permission and customs procedures to facilitate the entry of equipment into the country.

By Rita Akana in Yaoundé