Appointment of 11 new generals,President Biya ignores women 0

President Biya appointed on Thursday 29 June, 11 new generals in the Cameroonian army. The 84 year old put pen to paper as commander-in-chief of the armed forces and 11 colonels were made generals of the nation’s defense force.

It should be noted however that no woman was elevated to the rank of general of the Cameroonian army by a leader who has noted several times that gender parity and equality were prominent themes highly prized by his regime.

In fact, the Cameroonian army is one of the sectors where women are not allowed to take command positions. Yet, women constitute more than 51.5% of the population.

The new generals are from different parts of Cameroon. Housseini Djibo, Loubazal, Betote, Essoh Jules Cesar, Ekongwesse, Toungue, Melingui, Nouma Joseph, Aga Robinson, Assoualai, Eba Eba,

By Rita Akana
Cameroon Concord News