Bishop Jean Marie Beniot search team compensated with fufu and eru meal and a bottle of beer 0

The members of the fishing community who were called to help in the search for the remains of the late Bishop of Bafia, His Lordship Jean Marie Beniot Balla say they have been forgotten by the CPDM regime. To be sure, the body of the late prelate was found dead on May the 2nd, an autopsy conducted and the corps handed over to the Roman Catholic Church and family.

To find the missing prelate on May 31, 2017, fourteen local divers were recruited by the CPDM leadership in Ebebda. Once the body was discovered, the divers in a typical CPDM pattern were abandoned by the administrative authorities, who had promised them some form of compensation.

For three days, the divers left their families to try to find the bishop and today no one is looking at them. The so-called Anglophone governor of the Central region and the political elites of Bafia have all left and the divers do not know who to confront.

For 72 hours, these men actively participated in the search for the late Man of God but promises made to them have not been kept. The mayor of Ebebda,  Syrinus Awono, had assured the divers  from the beginning of this story that President Biya had put everything at his disposal so that the search operation was well conducted. Unfortunately, at the end of the operation, the mayor only gave the divers a fufu and eru meal worth 500 FCFA and a bottle of beer.

By Rita Akana

Cameroon Concord News