Buea Province blockade is tearing apart business communities 0

The Francophone governor of the Buea Province of Southern Cameroons, Bernard Okalia Bilai, signed a second order yesterday in connection with the Southern Camerons crisis. This so-called decree prohibits “all entry and exit” in the Region. Beyond the fact that this part of Ambazonia is thus cut off from the entire Southern Cameroons and neigbouring La Republique du Cameroun , the Buea Province still has a strong military presence with French Cameroun soldiers parading the streets.

On Monday, October 2, 2017 in the early hours, elements of the police and the gendarmerie, those of the army and the Rapid Intervention Battalion (BIR) were already posted in the streets and main round abouts. Identity checks have also been erected and in a systematic way that all those who are not in possession of their national identity cards (CNI) are questioned.

As of September 28, 2017, in order to maintain French Cameroun dominance of the territory in his command, the Governor signed a first order that prohibited any movement in the Region. This order  was to stifle the October 1 celebrations that were held successfully throughout Southern Cameroons.

Two days after October 1, the signs of the Southern Cameroons independence day celebrations remain very visible. In Molyko- Buea, for example, one can still see enormous rocks and piles of shards of bottles lying on the roadway.


By Rita Akana, CCN