Cameroon army claims to have killed a senior Boko Haram commander 0

Cameroon military says it has killed a senior Boko Haram commander in Kaka Goubdo inside Nigeria. Abu Nazir was shot by elite troops from the Rapid Intervention Battalion engaged in Operation Thunder 4. Our military informant hinted that the body of Abu Nazir was identified by a combined team of Nigerian and Cameroon military experts.

Operation Thunder 4 began on May 9, 2017 and during this operation, Cameroonian soldiers penetrated Boko Haram controlled territories in a vast sector of nearly forty kilometers in Nigeria. Abu Nazir suspected of having family relations in Cameroon operated between Limani and Waza and terrorized the national road N ° 1.  To be sure, he and other militants of the Nigerian Islamic sect had made traffic on this road impossible. The area between Doublé and Dabanga, which became a throat cutting factory, was called “the axis of death.”

Correspondingly, Abu Nazir always managed with his gang to escape into Nigeria because he reportedly had good knowledge of the encyclopedic terrain. It was intelligence information on his hideout that enabled the success of the operation jointly carried out by the Cameroon commandos of Operation Alpha and those serving with BIR in the Joint Multinational Force.

By Fru James

Cameroon Concord News