Cameroon’s unwinnable war: Biya continues to rely on a small set of Francophone generals and military advisors 0

As the Cameroonian army struggles to find a way out of the crisis that has gripped the country for the past three year the so-called commander-in-chief continues to rely on a small set of Francophone army generals and military advisors.

The securocrats are indeed guiding Biya’s decisions on the crisis in Southern Cameroons, reports Africa Intelligence.

At the heart of the crisis, which started in 2016, was a strike by teachers and lawyers, in the English-speaking regions of Cameroon.

The professionals, supported by citizens of their areas, protested the unfair use of the French language and unjustified appointments of French speakers in their territories.

Cameroon is a bilingual country. By 2017, the situation had spiralled out of control and developed into a fully-fledged separatist war. Both government forces and separatists are now bogged down in a conflict, that observers say, can only be resolved through dialogue.

By Asu Vera Eyere in the UK