Federal Republic of Ambazonia: Leader Speaks of Justice Frederick Ebong 0


It is with broken and bleeding hearts that we come to you during these times of deflating pain and grief. Though everyone would have found it okay if we had complied to the desires of our captors by staying indifferent and mute, the importance of this man we mourn could not be minimized. In fact,  we had no other option but to dare to think different, because we would not even be here without the concrete foundation this fallen hero laid for us as a people to emulate. We thought, and rightly so that in moments like this, when we are left with very little but these words of love and comfort, we must share with each and everyone of you.

In fact, just as we shared those moments of comfort and joy, in like manner in your pain we are able to determine the depths of ours. Therefore, right from the depriving, and dehumanizing cells of Kondengui, where our fallen hero once was, we cannot hold back but raise our voices to hail this man who took the very first step to show us that as a people our survival depended on concrete physical action, and not mere words, conjectures and platitudes. We cannot succumb to the inhibiting and physically draining effects of the jingles of the chains and shackles of imprisonment to which we wake every day. And not even the morbid and morriborn yells and commands of unkind and unfriendly prison warders can hold us down enough to prevent us reaching out to you people.

Therefore, empowered by this spirit to act, that Justice Ebong taught us, even the prison walls of Kondengui cannot stop our endearing wishes, intents, and profound concerns to reach out to and mourn with all of you assembled here today. Assembled not to say goodbye, as the thought of him shall remain a permanent cluster in our memory. Bear with us that we are assembled here today to reaffirm our individual, as well as our collective commitment to prosecute the struggle Justice Ebong initiated on the 24th of December 1994, when he sounded the very first note of the melody for Sovereignty we are all dancing today. It was on this blessed day that the mustard seed of the courage that has become a dominant part of our identity and or DNA, was planted in our midst.

It is with this courage that our Amba boys and girls are standing tall to make that dream which Justice Ebong nursed and sowed to come true. Have no doubt because our arrival in Buea, is no longer a matter of “IF”, but “WHEN”.Be rest assured that our yearnings and actions are focused on nothing but to make Bueaa reality.

However succulent and juicy it is, the freedom we seek, is wrapped up in folds of suffering and pain we must endure. Indeed the pain is grave, the deprivation overwhelming, yet undying hope and the example Justice Ebong set for us are real, cogent, empowering, and inspiring. And on the fortifying belief that His spirit would follow to guide and protect us every step of the way on this tedious journey to total and unconditional Independence, permit us reiterate to everyone here present, our uncompromising resolve to seek no rest or respite till as a people we make it to the foot of the mountain. It is only there and then that meaningful and befitting, monuments shall be erected as everlasting homage we shall pay to all the likes of Justice Ebong, who nurtured and enshrined in us the hunger and thirst for freedom. Accept our heartfelt condolences as we wait our turns when we shall meet to part no more.

Justice Frederick A. Ebong was the 4th Chairman of the Southern Cameroons National Council (SCNC). Elected in his absence, while in underground detention in Yaoundé, for declaring the independence of Southern Cameroons, this made him the leader of the people in the hands of a foreign aggressor and expansionist Yaoundé regime. Detained with eight others, they were released, without having been charged and tried in any court of law, after fourteen months of incommunicado detention. Their release was thanks to internationalization of the campaign which drew worldwide condemnation and worldwide appeals for their release.

The news of the passing away of Justice Frederick A. Ebong came to us in Prison Principale, Kondengui, Yaoundé as a big blow. Being where he had been some nineteen years ago for declaring the independence of our fatherland, Southern Cameroons (Ambazonia), we were like children trying to fit into the shoes of their fathers. For this, we looked forward in great hope to the day, when we would sit with him to share our experiences, and tapping from his wisdom and with him, lay a solid foundation for the New Dawn for Ambazonia.

Believing fervently that we live not in days but in deeds, while we mourn his departure to meet our ancestors, we praise the Lord Almighty for the hope he gave the young that with courage and selfless determination we shall overcome annexation and colonial occupation by La Republique du Cameroun. By courageously declaring our independence over Radio Buea on the 30th of  December 1999, Justice Ebong assured us that Southern Cameroons belongs to the indigenes and not the aggressor and expansionist La Republique du Cameroun. He assured us that if we don’t make it, no one will come from celestial space and chase La Republique du Cameroun out and hand our Homeland to us on a platter of gold.

Our Amba Boys, inspired by his courageous will and thanks to the political education they received over the years from the SCNC leadership, are fired up and say “Enough is Enough!” to annexationist La Republique du Cameroun. They are determined to assert themselves and be masters of their destiny. Our right to a sovereign Homeland, offering great opportunities to its citizens is non-negotiable. Annexation is a global monster that threatens peace and justice everywhere on planet earth.

As we bid “Fair Well” to our fallen, we know he is not joining our ancestors empty handed. Hehas joined Dr Endeley, Chief Stephen Nyenti, J. N. Foncha, Ambassador Epie, S. T. Muna, Dr Martin N. Luma and Chief Ayamba, among others as a hero who fired the first cannon to flush out annexationist La Republique du Cameroun, so that our people will live in freedom, peace, justice and prosperity.

Be reassured you that we will stop at nothing until we see the backs of the occupation forces of La Republique du Cameroun beyond the Mungo and Matazen.

Adieu Comrade Justice Frederick A. Ebong (rtd)