French Cameroun: MINPOSTEL launches new system to enhance healthy competition 0

The Ministry of Post and Telecommunications in French Cameroun has launched a communication campaign on telephone number portability. Telephone number portability is a system which enables telephone users to switch from one mobile operator to another while maintaining the same phone number.

The Francophone female minister noted that during a month long campaign, the public will be sensitized on how to take advantage of the new system which provides consumers the option to choose the service provider with the best options. This implies that if the consumer changes his service provider, the new service provider needs to incorporate the former number into the new sim card he offers.

The Ministry of Post and Telecommunication affirms that the service is free. It was also revealed that the operation is possible just twice a year and only within a space of at least two months after the first switch.

Apart from helping the consumer maintain the same number, number portability also enables the consumer benefit from advantageous tariffs offered by competing mobile operators. In a nutshell, number portability enhances healthy competition amongst the telephone service providers in Cameroon.

Source: CRTV