Lord Justice Ayah Paul to remain in Francophone custody 1

The High Court in Mfoundi, Yaoundé has rejected the demand by Lawyers of the imprisoned Advocate General of the Supreme Court, Justice Ayah Paul Abine, for his unconditional liberation. The Lawyers applied using the Habeas Corpus because according to them Ayah Paul was illegally arrested on January 21, 2017 at his residence.

One of the Defense Counsel Barrister Ndong Christopher said by arresting him on Saturday which was a weekend they were doing so in contradiction of the Criminal Procedure Code which forbids arrest of someone on Public Holidays or weekends unless that person is caught red-handed committing a crime.

The lawyers of Ayah Paul have hinted they could apply against the rejection. This development according to pundits means Ayah Paul may likely be referred to the military tribunal. The Mfoundi High Court during a closed door court session last week in an informal way charged Ayah Paul Abine with terrorism, secession, propagation of false information and rebellion.

The President of the Popular Action Party, PAP, has now spent two months in custody at the Defense State Secretariat. His family has recently written to the State demanding his release due to poor health but the request has fallen into answering machine.

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