May 20th Celebration: Attendance in Yaounde noticeably less than expected!! Photo shows complete boycott in Southern Cameroon 0

In one of the most scantily attended 20th May celebrations in the country’s history amid early morning heavy downpour, the army and a cross section of the civilian population congregated at the 20th May Boulevard for the ceremony chaired by the 84 year old dictator, President Biya. The wet weather gave way to a sunny bright sky that allowed the Francophone dominated security agents to perform the normal rituals before the arrival of the presidential couple.

The ceremony recorded the presence of members of the Diplomatic Corps, the numerous cabinet ministers, the Prime Minister and Head of Government, the Speaker of National Assembly and the President of Senate. First Lady Chantal Biya arrived differently and her entourage was preceded by the motorcade escorting President Paul Biya. The Military orchestra was on-board and trumpeted the best of music to grace the unpopular event boycotted by many political parties and civil society organizations..

The Minister Delegate in charge of Defense at the Presidency, Joseph Beti Assomo welcomed the Commander in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Paul Biya and after the national anthem the aging leader inspected some detachments of the military and witnessed the military match past under the Command of  General Edzo’o Mvondo Simon, assisted by Colonel Enow Eyong.

Events in the Buea province of Southern Cameroons took a dramatic u-turn as heavy rains including the call for  a boycott by the Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society Consortium rocked the boat. Our chief correspondent in the South West who contributed to this report observed that “I feared Governor Okala would collapse and die following the massive boycott of the occasion.”  The situation was the same in the Bamenda province as many Southern Cameroonians observed the ghost town operation put in place by the Consortium.

Some conclusions could be drawn from the successful failure of today’s nationwide celebrations among them is simply that President Biya’s days as Head of State are numbered.

By Rita Akana

Cameroon Concord News