Poor management brings University of Bamenda to brink of collapse 0

The state owned University of Bamenda (UBa) which has suffered from poor management since its creation has dashed the hopes of the proud people of the North West Region. The VC Prof. Theresia Akenji has absconded from her responsibilities. Reports reaching our newsroom indicate she has taken refuge in the United States of America.

Since Prof. Akenji went to the US to bury her father who died in the there, she has failed to return, claiming she’s been blocked by the lock down restrictions under the covid 19. Our sources indicate the real reason for her flight is the corruption charges being prepared against her and some members of her team. Reports indicate she got wind of her file on corruption which has gone through CONAC, Supreme State Control and now TCS. Her arrest and dispossession of her passport is imminent, for unaccountability and misappropriation of almost 5 billion francs. “UBa is now on massive panic and corrupt officials are busy cleaning financial files, while the bold ones are still doing shady contracts with corrupt contractors,” a close source has indicated.

The stress on the university has increased following the death of the registrar Prof. Victor Banlilon Tani, a protegé of the VC with whom she’s reported to have connived to swindle billions of francs from the university. The poor management of UBa has destroyed teaching, learning and research at the university. No physical face to face lectures have taken place at UBa for almost 2 years now. The University of Bamenda is reported to be proud of teaching and examining students online using barely whatsapp for the past 3 years. How effective this can be is an answer for the gods of Menchum.

Unimpeachable sources report that lecturers at UBa are at daggers drawn, threatening to kill each other, setting each other up with the Ambazonia separatists’. Lecturers are reported of siding with separatists to make the Nkwen, Bambui, Bambili road a death trap for professors and students who are now working from home for the past 2 years.

Even the death of Prof. Victor Banlilon, the mastermind of revenge and corruption was poorly attended at the mortuary and at his up-station residence as his colleagues spent energy hiding from being identified by enemy camps and Amba separatists’. According to an expert on Education Quality and Assessment, if urgent actions are not taken by the government of Cameroon, the most cherished UBa shall collapse.

The campus which is dirty with bush and mud seems clearly abandoned. Other administrators of the university are quietly consuming the university’s budgeted subvention without effectively teaching and training students.

Culled from Cameroon Chronicle Newspaper