Revealed: Southern Cameroons suffering cholera epidemic 0

MANAOUDA Malachie, Minister for Health informed that so far 4,627 cholera cases with 105 deaths have been reported throughout the country, with the greatest impact in the English-speaking regions of Bamenda and Buea.

Cholera was accentuated by the spread of Covid-19. It is a shocking situation in a disturbed state like ours. Cameroon should review its national health policy in case of crisis, he said.

The disease aggravates the situation in the area, which since 2017 has been experiencing a deadly conflict rooted in colonization by the French and British governments, and the two languages that came with it, French and English.

The army is currently fighting separatist forces in the two English-speaking regions in the northwest and southwest of the country, which has suffered from that cause about 3,000 dead and more than 730,000 displaced civilians. To contain cholera, a vaccination campaign was launched on April 8, during which health workers are going door-to-door to encourage people to get vaccinated.

The wells, often contaminated due to lack of hygiene, have also been ordered to be closed.

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