Southern Cameroons Crisis: Giving the revolution a bad name 0

Cameroonians have been reading online that Senator Mundi who was kidnapped sometime ago has been killed by her captors.

The kidnappers, who claim they are ADF fighters, maintain that holding the old and ailing senator will lead to the release of some Southern Cameroonians being held in the Yaoundé Maximum Security Prison by the Biya regime.

As usual, the Yaoundé government is not showing any interest in the captors’ proposal and this has been irritating to the kidnappers.

When news broke that the elderly senator had been executed by her captors, many Southern Cameroonians were angry with such a decision which many qualify as irresponsible and meaningless.

Many Cameroonians hold that senators in Cameroon do not have any real influence and executing Senator Mundi will just be giving the revolution a very bad name.

The Cameroon Concord News Group has not had any real confirmation that she has been killed and would advise caution in the way some people spread such news. The group’s Northwest region’s correspondent is investigating the rumor and will be updating our readers.

Many vocal Southern Cameroonians hold that it is wrong to even hold Senator Mundi in captivity. Her age alone should discourage anybody from engaging in such bad business.

This lady is senile and sickly and the trauma of living in captivity could kill her.

A revolution which started so nicely has been hijacked by some criminal elements and this is not good.

Today, it has become a war wherein some people are using to settle scores and those who express contrary views get blackmailed, threatened or even get their online accounts hacked just to cook up stories about them.

This is not how the revolution was conceived. It was designed to bring about dignity, a sense of responsibility in the two English-speaking regions of the country and foster unity among Southern Cameroonians.

But the revolution has clearly lost its way. Schools are still closed in rural parts of Southern Cameroons and rogues and illiterates have become judges and law enforcement agents in that part of the country.

Senator Mundi is a Southern Cameroonian and she has a right to her political opinion. Cameroon has been designed in a peculiar way and only the country’s president can make meaningful decisions regarding major political issues.

The fear these days is that Southern Cameroonians will be killing each other because of ideological divergences and many young men who sincerely want to fight for the total independence of Southern Cameroons might quit the fight.

It should also be underscored that Senator Mundi has grown up children who are also watching what is happening to their mother. Humiliating her only alienates these children and many others who hold that the revolution has really come off its rails.

The kidnappers should reexamine their strategy. This action of theirs is not helping the revolution. They know who they should be fighting. Killing and kidnapping other Southern Cameroonians is a disease that is heralding the death of the revolution.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai