Southern Cameroons War: Send Santa to the Brave Ones: The True and Indisputable Patriots of Ambazonia 0

They take a bullet for us. They go to the grave for you and I. They give up everything for us to have everything. We may write volumes about Ambazonia and videos and audios but if we and the world talk about Ambazonia today with our chins high, it is because of them. Yes them, those brave ones who rose to defend our land and people when the genocidal vampire terrorists thugs in the name of a military came raping, maiming, killing, burning and using our unarmed innocent citizens for target practice. Because of our brave boys and girls of Ambaland we can hope and sing.

We will never be able to thank them enough. We will never be able to appreciate them enough. So this Christmas for this 2019, Santa has no other assignment but to take our message of thanks and grantitude to our brave patriots our brave boys and girls.

Please join me in making my personal contribution to this initiative to our brave patriots, our great boys and girls grow.

I will be putting into Santa’s sleigh and bag to our brave patriots a message of gratitude wiith $1000.

Pleass add your name to show appreciation to our brave patriots as we send Santa to them this Christmas. Please send your support and contributions through any of the following:

WhatsApp account: $nkaprisu

Paypal account:

Zelle account: 3017580263