Torrential rains and mudslides strikes Yaounde 0

Torrential rains have made travelling within Yaoundé the nation’s capital almost impossible. The inhabitants of Yaoundé seem to be caught in the trap of the current rainy season, with a succession of flashes and violent thunderstorms that follow each day given way to mud, making circulation difficult in certain districts.

The situation in Olembé, seen here on photo located at the northern outskirts of Yaoundé is a tangle tale. Correspondingly, movement of people has become almost impossible after each rain, precisely at a place called “Pétrolex”.

“We suffer here at Olembe, after every rain, it’s mud. Even vehicles can no longer move normally. We are obliged to go out every time, with two pairs of shoes. The second pair of shoe is used once we are in town or in the office, “says an Olembe resident

Another inhabitant of the “Pétrolex” district said that he is obliged to wash his car every morning before going to work. Clearly, the people of this part of the capital are used to mud as a majority are militants of the ruling CPDM crime syndicate and have not bothered to inform the authorities that their area has been cut off from the entire Yaoundé.

By Sama Ernest