US Elections: Southern Cameroonian wins Alderman seat in Somerville 0

Another winner last night in the US elections was Wilfred Mbah, who won an alderman seat in Somerville, Massachusetts. Originally from Southern Cameroons now known as the Federal Republic of Ambazonia, he is the recipient of a visa through the diversity-lottery program that Trump announced he wanted to dismantle in the wake of last week’s attack in New York City.

In an interview about his experience as an immigrant, Mbah said of Somerville, “I feel like the city has helped me a lot. Right from the beginning, I had friends that were helping me with job searches, helping me with my résumé.” But, he added,

We cannot leave it up to the generosity of private citizens to look after people who are struggling. I don’t know how many people are out there struggling to live in this city: artists, immigrants, working class people, middle class people. The city government must take a more active role in looking out for people who care about this city, and want to live and grow here.

Democrats won big last night, but there’s an even more important lesson to learn here: Progressive Democrats won big last night.


Source: The Nation