“We have turned some people in our government into emboldened wolves” Akere Muna 0

Barrister Akere Muna, former President of the Cameroon Bar Council has written to the Secretary of State at the Ministry of Defense in charge of Gendarmerie informing him that he will not be able to show up on Wednesday March 22,2017,the day he is expected to answer to a summon delivered Monday.

According to reaction from the former Batonier, he will be travelling to South Africa; hence can only be available this Friday. He has insisted that despite calls from some Cameroonians for him to be watchful, he is not afraid of anything because Cameroon is his country and he is ready to take the bulls by the horns.

Below is what Barrister Muna had to say:

“I have been flooded by calls and messages from many Cameroonians who seemed worried for my safety. I hereby state the facts, as I know them, to avoid any unfounded rumors. On Monday 20th March 2017 at around 15.00 hrs a bailiff dropped at the Muna Foundation, a letter addressed to the President of the Bar Council Batonnier Jackson Ngnie Kamga . He was told that he should take the letter to him he refused and walked away. My staff brought the letter to me, which stated that investigations had commenced against me at the central investigation unit of the “Secretariat a la Defence” ordinarily known as SED.

In the letter, Batonnier was asked to accompany at 9.00 to the central investigation department on Wednesday March 22, 2017. SED is where the Anglophone lawyers and Anglophone activists have been taken to. I immediately wrote to the Secretary of State informing him that I was delivering a keynote address in Johannesburg on Wednesday March 22nd and that I will be back on Thursday and will ask the Batonnier to accompany me on Friday March 25th.

Today March 21st I boarded a Rwandair Flight 10.05 from Douala and left for Johannesburg. I will defer to the summons and be present on Friday. I understand the worry of many well wishers who are asking me to stay away. Cameroon is my home and I am prepared to face whatever awaits me. Any lawyer who is worth anything cannot sit by in the face of suffering and blatant violation of the basic and fundamental rights of any other human being. By remaining sheep for too long, I am afraid we have turned some people in our government into emboldened wolves. The comfort of my home and my office cannot justify my silence in the face of what we are going through in our country right now.”

Come what may!!!

Akere T. Muna (Of Lincoln’s Inn London)


Sanctions Commissioner of the African Development Bank

Chairperson of the International Anti-Corruption Conference

Member, High Level Panel on Illicit Financial Flows from Africa

Member, Governing Board, Africa Governance Institute

Former Chairperson, Eminent Persons Panel of the African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM)

Former President, Pan-African Lawyers Union

Former Presiding Officer, Economic, Social and Cultural Council of the African Union

Culled from Cameroun Info.Net