Yerima says Amba fighters have many powerful cards to play against La Republique 0

Vice President Dabney Yerima has said that Southern Cameroons Self Defense Groups have many strong options they can use to chase away the Biya French Cameroun army soldiers from the Ambazonian homeland.

Dabney Yerima made the remarks on Thursday in South Africa, where he arrived from Namibia at the head of a powerful Southern Cameroons delegation, Southern Cameroons Broadcasting Cooperation (SCBC) news agency reported. The Southern Cameroons’ official has taken the trip to hold meetings with senior Ambazonian officials and activists in Southern Africa.

Southern Cameroons Self Defense Forces have many powerful cards at their disposal that can create deterrence and send the occupying army packing out of Ambaland, Yerima said while meeting with the representatives of various Ambazonian groups in South Africa.

He addressed the issue of the Big Rubbergun Project launched for defensive campaign by the Southern Cameroons Interim Government.

Upwards of 70 explosive devices were denoted towards the occupied Cameroon government military convoys killing dozens and causing millions of FCFA in damage to the occupying French Cameroun regime’s various military vehicles.

Dabney Yerima said the Operation Big Rubbergun and “Kontry Sunday” have united the entire Ambazonian nation whether inside or outside Southern Cameroons territory.

He added that Southern Cameroons would eventually recover from the damage that the Francophone military has afflicted on it during this war of liberation.

The Southern Cameroons official, meanwhile, underlined, “The right of Southern Cameroons to exist as an independent state.

By Isong Asu