Buea University Sex Scandal: The Augean Stable is messy! 0

Ever since the University of Buea came under fire because of a sex scandal that is hurting the institution’s reputation, the university’s Vice Chancellor, Prof. Ngomo Horace Manga, has been tight-lipped despite attempts by the Cameroon Concord News Group to obtain his reaction to the mess that might see him out of that institution.

His indifference to the allegations has caused many people in the English-speaking community to think that he might be complicit in the commission of those sex crimes or he could as well be guilty of the same crime. What is Professor Ngomo Horace Manga hiding? Is he trying to protect his accomplices or his protégés? 

However, some people hold that the vice chancellor may just be overwhelmed. The Augean Stable is messy. He does not know where to start. When you have people like Prof. Agborbechem and Prof. Ernest Molua to investigate, know that you have a handful. They have had their fair share of the free sex for a very long time in the university and their DNA is all over the hotels in Buea. 

For Agborbechem, his crimes are too many. He has been all over the country, and he has been good at sowing his wild oats. Even if you are given the Federal Reserve (American Central Bank) to investigate the learned professor, you will still run out of financially resources. His field of operation is large, and the damage is massive. It is even alleged that even in Nigeria where he studied, he was advised never to return because of his unacceptable sexual escapades. 

Speaking to the Cameroon Concord News Group’s Bureau Chief in London, a colleague of Prof. Agborbechem in Fontem, Lebialem Division, was quick to point out that he had never met anybody with such unusually high libido. The professor’s former colleague had little kind words for a man who has projected himself in very bad light because of his out-of-control libido.

Agborbechem is a polished gentleman when women are not involved. Once he sees a beautiful woman, his brain takes French leave of him. He was very energic when we were in Fontem. The female students in that school should regret having known him. Anything in skirt was good enough for Agborbechem. Make no mistake, he is a very bright person, but when you give him a little alcohol and you throw women in the mix, Agborbechem loses his mind. It is unfortunate that such a learned person could be without self-control,” the professor’s former colleague regretted.

“Many people in Fontem thought he had lost his mind. If he is not mentally messed up, then he has been cursed. How can a man love sex to such ridiculous extents? When he looks at a woman, it is as he should just take her to his bedroom. We used to see him in a strange way, and we thought he had something that was really bothering him,” his former colleague said.

Meanwhile in Buea, many people are still looking forward to a thorough investigation into this sex scandal. Prof. Agborbechem and Prof. Molua have set brand new records when it comes to their sex trade. It is being alleged that sometimes they even tell the girls they want to sleep with to go and rent hotel rooms and only advise them of the transaction for them to come over and accomplish their mission. They not even want to spend a dime in the entire process. This is meanness in its superlative degree. 

University of Buea lecturers are really staging a show. Instead of imparting knowledge to those students, they are spending their entire time on women. Some students even argue that some of their lecturers have lost their intellectual edge because they have been discharging their intellectualism into women’s thighs. Rather than spend time conducting research, they spend useful time conducting non-intellectual research in women’s thighs. They love playing the beast with two backs as if that is part of their benefits package. 

The University of Buea is an Augean Stable that needs to be cleansed. But it cannot be cleansed by those who are responsible for the mess. Some of the lecturers need to be fired if the mess must be retired. It is time to take the bull by the horn and the vice chancellor must act swiftly and decisively if he really wants to save the university’s reputation or whatever is left of it. 

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai