Maryland cabal close doors to Ambazonia, open them to French Cameroun: Dr Patrick Ayuk 0

A senior Southern Cameroons academic says the Federal Republic of Ambazonia is under a very malicious occupation but some so-called front line leaders are closing their doors to the liberation journey to Buea, while at the same time reaching out to Southern Cameroons enemy in Yaounde.

Referring to the crisis that has rocked the Southern Cameroons group in Maryland often refered to as the Sako-IG, Dr. Patrick Ayuk said on Thursday, “We have to admit that the Maryland gang had private financial dealings with some people in Yaounde.

“It is hard to believe that because of small amounts of money, the enemy in French Cameroun is now standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the Maryland group in the way we are seeing today, and the group is closing its doors to the Ambazonian struggle? Dr. Patrick Ayuk said during a meeting with the Vice President of the Southern Cameroons Interim Government, Dabney Yerima on Thursday.

Dr. Patrick Ayuk in a soul-searching presentation to the Ambazonia war cabinet re-echoed the view that Dr. Ikome Sako and Pastor Chris Anu had used the Bible to blindfold Southern Cameroonians who were delivering millions of dollars for war purposes.

The pastors became front line leaders in the US and carefully transformed Southern Cameroonians into their personal piggy banks not to fight the intimidated Yaounde regime, but to line their pockets.

Dr. Patrick Ayuk condemned what he described as a treacherous stab in the back and appealed to Vice President Yerima to present a clearer picture to the people in Ground Zero and Ground One on the state of the Southern Cameroons revolution.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai