October 7: A Biya Francophone Gun and ELECAM Box or A Biya’s paper victory amid a bloody war? 0

Campaigns for presidential elections scheduled for October 7, are currently underway and Southern Cameroonian fighters have vowed to disrupt an election they consider as foreign.  While other candidates are on the ground canvassing for votes, the incumbent, Paul Biya has not been seen anywhere close to the voters.

Eight very dull and obedient politicians, three of them former Biya cabinet ministers and the others representing obscure political organizations known for harboring election losers – have all been added to the hitherto Biya one-man presidential voting list.

So when I asked the so-called Cameroon government spokesman and Minister of Communications, Issa Tchiroma Bakary, if there was any danger of Mr. Biya losing, he wisely replied: “This is up to the Cameroonian people.”

Ah indeed, the Cameroonian people. Crushed, humiliated, tortured, imprisoned, slaughtered, forever crying for freedom from a vicious regime.  They have been invited to participate, at the height of their agony, in a counterfeit presidential election.

In this edition of the AGBAW-EBAI DEBATE we are asking our readers to make public their opinions as regards the upcoming presidential elections if it is “A Biya Francophone Gun and ELECAM Box or a Biya’s paper victory amid a bloody war?

By Soter Agbaw-Ebai