Of Chief Mukete and Hon Lifaka: CPDM old habits die hard 0

One would think that with the changing political climate, the ruling CPDM, also known as the crime syndicate, would also change its ways, but recent actions by this bunch of unpatriotic and corrupt people only underscore that old habits really die hard.

The CPDM management style has remained a challenge to many astute planners who hold that having a futuristic view of life is the best path to tread.

For more than 40 years, the ruling CPDM has been groping in the dark instead of having clear economic policies and plans which should demonstrate that the government is replete with highly smart and intellectual planners whose efforts should result in certainty and admirable results.

But the Biya government yet to understand that ruling by decrees does not really produce the desired results. The political chaos that has reduced the country to a jungle has rippled out to other parts of the economy and there is no end in sight.

One would think that a country’s senators would automatically qualify for life insurance coverage and once they pass on, their funeral arrangements would be conducted with class and their families will be beneficiaries of the pay-out the insurance companies would provide.

The deaths of the Senate Vice President, Nfon Victor Mukete, and that of the Member of Parliament, Emilia Lifaka Monjowa, are clearly demonstrating that even at the highest levels of government, insurance coverage is not a matter of priority.

Chief Mukete and Ms. Lifaka do not have any state provisions for their burial and this has caused the ruling CPDM to pick up its begging bowl to get to work.

This is a party which knows how to beg. In many cases, it is a beggar who imposes the amounts the benefactors have to deliver.

True to its ways, the crime syndicate has called on all its members to donate generously towards the burial of the two Southwest law-makers who never thought it wise to fight for life insurance for themselves and their families.

Find below the message issued by the proud beggar, obliging civil servants to contribute towards the funerals of the late law-makers.

Dear Comrades, following a brain-storming meeting convened by the SW regional political hierarchy towards the funerals of the late Senator Nfon Victor MUKETE and Hon. Emilia LIFAKA it was agreed on Divisional levies of 2.000.000 F CFA as participation towards the organization of the funerals of the late members of parliament. In consonance with the decisions arrived at and to enable Manyu CPDM Caucus come up with its share of the condolence contributions the following levies shall apply:

1) Members of Government and those ranking as such ………….500.000 F CFA

2) Vice President of the Senate….. …. 500.000 F CFA

3) Ambassadors & senior diplomats ……300.000 F CFA

4) CT-PRC/SG ……..200.000 F CFA

5) Senators…………150.000 F CFA

6) Members NA…..150.000 FCFA

7) DG…………………..150.000 F CFA

8) DGA…………………100.000 F CFA

9) Board Chairs…….100.000 F CFA

10) CT/Directors……..75.000 F CFA

11) Heads (Institutions, Deans of Faculties, etc) and ranking as such 50.000 F CFA

12) Members of bureau Regional Assembly.. 50.000 F CFA

13) Mayors …… 50.000 F CFA

14) Sub-Directors/Divisional Delegates 30.000 F CFA

15) Members of Regional Assembly …… 30.000 F CFA

16) Chiefs of services/ Principals…. 25.000 F CFA

17) All other political elite…..20.000 F CFA

All condolence levies including transfer charges should be forwarded to Mr AGBOR EMMANUEL OBEN Momo 670851975 on or before midnight May 09, 2021. Thanks for your understanding and usual diligence. Victor MENGOT. Head PDD/CPDM – Manyu

By Soter Agbaw-Ebai