Genocide in Southern Cameroons: SOS justice for peace crusader starved out of life 0

Abdul Karim Ali, The Southern Cameroons (Ambazonia) Justice for Peace crusader and Islamic scholar of international repute who was abducted by a mixed contingent of the uniformed and non-uniformed gendarmes on the 25th September 2019 is being starved to death! Abdul Karim was abducted in front of the Swiss Embassy in Yaounde as he stepped out after a conversation with the Swiss Ambassador, about the recently held mediation conference in Geneva at the behest of Humanitarian Centre for Dialogue (HD).

Abdulkarim was whisked off to the Gendarmerie Headquarters better known by it’s French acronym SED where he is being incarcerated without food or water. The commander on duty at the Service Central Des Recherches Judiciaire (SCRJ), where he is confined, denied him access to family and lawyers until Monday the 30th September. When they eventually allowed only the lawyer to see him! He denied drinking any water and eating any food offered by the gendarmes and insisted that he would only drink water and eat food brought by his lawyers or family members. The Gendarmerie as of today Tuesday 8th October 2019 denied him all food and water brought by family on the frivolous excuse that hierarchy has not authorized it. Even the palette of water brought by his lawyers since Friday has not been given to him. He is reportedly very frail and worn out as of today 08/10/2019. He has now stayed without food and water for almost two full weeks!!!

Abdulkarim has neither been interrogated nor charged to court for any known offence. His lawyers Barr AYUKOTANG Ndep Nkongho and Barr FONKA TOMNYUY have filed an Application of Habeas Corpus praying the court to order his immediate production before the High Court of Mfoundi Yaounde for the court to assess the validity of his abduction and continuous incarceration and order his release and compensation.

Berinyuy Bihkong